Monday, 13 May 2013


After having studied top achievers and peak performers over the past 25 years, I’ve
concluded that these unique men and women, have in most cases, mastered what I
call the Seven C’s of Success.
1.Clarity - Eighty percent of success comes from being clear on who you are,
what you believe in and what you want.
2. Competence - You can't climb to the next rung on the ladder until you are
excellent at what you do now.
3. Constraints - Eighty percent of all obstacles to success come from within.
Find out what is constraining in you or your company and deal with it.
4. Concentration - The ability to focus on one thing single-mindedly and see it
through until it’s done takes more character than anything else.
5. Creativity - Flood your life with ideas from many sources. Creativity needs to
be exercised like a muscle, if you don't use it you'll lose it.
6.Courage - Most in demand and least in supply, courage is the willingness to
do the things you know are right.
7. Continuous learning - Read, at the very least, one book a week on business
to keep you miles ahead of the competition. And just as you eat and bathe,
organize your time so you spend 30 minutes a day exploring e-mail, sending
messages, going through web sites, because like exercise, it's the only way
you can keep on top of technology. If you get away from it, you'll lose your


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