Monday, 13 May 2013



It is not accidental that Hill begins with desire. Success always begins
with desire. 
Most people want to be successful. Wanting success is a waste of time.
Worse, it just produces frustration. Only a burning, all-consuming, fervent
and passionate desire will produce the exceptional results that make up
true success. 
Wanting is best understood by its second meaning in the dictionary: lack.
To want for something is to lack something and so long as you merely
want success, you will lack success. Wanting is mere wishful thinking. 
Desire, on the other hand, is an extremely potent force. It is a supreme
motivator. It is a metaphysical principle of creation. 
Desire is an energetic emanation of the human spirit that enacts the law
of attraction. Desire is the metaphysical equivalent of gravity. Desire
draws to you the thing desired, or the elements that will constitute the
thing desired. Desire is the fuel that ignites the fire that transmutes
thoughts into things. 
The sad truth about most people who claim to want success is that they
actually do not desire success. What they desire is comfort and security.
The path to real success often demands that you give up comfort and
security in order to gain rewards greater than mere creature comforts
and minor financial security. 
For years, I wanted to be a millionaire. I wanted and wanted to no avail.
It was not until, one day, in my frustration and anger, I graduated from
wanting to truly desiring success, and, as a result, I was almost magically
catapulted into millionaire status. 
It was the burning passion of fervent desire that pushed me out of my
comfort zone of mediocrity and security and empowered me to achieve
real success. It was my desire that enabled me to get past the fear of
failure and get past the frustrations of obstacles to achieve the success I
had wanted for so many years. 
You must have or develop a burning passion for success. Without it, you
are highly unlikely to achieve it. Get passionate or stay home. 
This is critical…your desire must be specific. It must be attached to a
clear and specific ideal, a clear and consistent thought picture of what
success means to you.

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